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With 9 different classes to compete in there is a class to suit your boat parked in your garage whatever the configuration, as long as it meets the minimum safety requirements. Typical family boats - run abouts, ski boats and cabin boats feature regularly and often have close racing with others due to the way the rules have been set up. So rather than letting your boat hibernate over the winter why not come out an join in the action. The season runs from around mid-April through to August with 9 events currently on the calendar. Entry fee varies on the hosting club but is normally between $75 and $150 to enter the day’s events so is a cheap day out by motorsport standards. For newly interested people, make contact with the hosting club to find out more about any particular event. All members are keen to help get new people involved and can often source loaner equipment for those new who do not have any yet.


Event entry is primarily via online registation for the 2020 season. This allows event organisers to complete the administration prior to the event rather than on the day, however paper entry will still be available for those who prefer.  Details will be published prior and made available to enter via this website, upon recieving a competitor entry an acknowledgement email will be returned containing specific information for the event. Check the home page in the weeks leading up to each event or the calendar page for the link to enter!


If racing is not for you we are always looking for pick up boats on course. Boats are positioned around the course displaying flags to indicate to drivers current race status same as all motorsport events do. They are also there to give assistance to any boat that should require it. This is an awesome way to get up close and personal on course with the boats as they are competing.

There are a number of onshore administrative jobs in need of volunteers also, please contact the hosting club to enquire about your local event. 



Come along and watch, all events are free entry with open pits. Everyone is free to wander around and drivers are only too keen to talk to anyone interested. If you think you may like to get involved but not convinced yet come along and talk to the members who will offer any advice they can to assist you.

All boats are timed each lap, this means boats come in very close to shore giving great spectator viewing and photo opportunities.




Classes are defined based on hull configuration and engine size. This insures competitive racing between similarly configured boats.

Engine manufacturer catalogues are used to define standard engines and their maximum prop rated horsepower.


A Class - V (Vee/Mono hull)

Mono hull craft with single engine configurations not eligible for B Class or lower, multi engine configuration up to and including 400hp


A Class - T (Tunnel)

Tunnel hull craft with single engine configurations not eligible for B Class or lower, multi engine configuration up to and including 400hp.

A Class Multi - (Twin/Triple Rig)

Multi engine craft with combined horsepower greater than 400hp

B Class

Mono hull outboards up to and including 225 HP or 4 stroke inboards 5081cc to 6560cc


C Class

Mono hull outboards up to and including 200 HP or 4 stroke inboards 4351cc to 5080cc.


D Class

Mono hull outboards up to and including 150 HP or 4 stroke inboards 3031cc to 4350cc.


E Class

Mono hull outboards up to and including 135 HP or 4 stroke inboards 2551cc to 3030cc.


F Class

Mono hull outboards up to and including 90 HP or 4 stroke inboards up to 2550cc.

G Class

Unrestricted hull and engine size but must meet all NZBMC scrutineering requirements. Drivers must be 50 years of age or over. This class is a season long poker run , competitors completing event earn a playing card for end of season poker hand Thus no racing for position, intention is to get more boats out on water and boats which may not fit class criteria.  

Cabin Boat Class

open to all cabin boats regardless of horsepower or hull design

Poker run type event as per G Class, not a speed race

Standard Boat Class - B to F Class. Any outboard engine which is non-standard by definition is required to enter one class up provided they still meet the newly clarified rules for 2017 season adopted at the February AGM below:

Standard Boat Class Engine criteria, engines fitted to craft competing up a class are unrestricted EXCEPT for the following;
a. Must retain original engine capacity with allowances for factory over bores.
b. No added supercharging of any type including nitrous oxide.
c. Two strokes to retain factory original cylinder porting for year model being used.
d. Four strokes to retain factory original camshaft specifications and factory spec. ECU where applicable
for year model being used.
e. Only pump fuel available to the general public may be used, (no aviation fuel, racing fuel, methanol or
octane improving additives).

Defined inboard ratings are for 4 stroke engines, 2 stroke inboard engines are required to enter one class up from rated class.

Cabin boats are eligible to enter one class down from their designated engine rated class provided engines are standard and run at standard class height.





NZBMC rules are in place to ensure the safety of all competitors, all boats and competitors must meet regulations set out by NZBMC to compete.  

Regular competitors will be issued a log book for scrutineering. One off entries will be scrutineered via the single use scrutineering form.